Certificate of Mail and Digital Company

It protects his e-mail with coding and digital signature

Based and signed mail digitally

It begins to protect his digital communications with this certificate of security and digital signature

Certificate of Mail

Certificate Email (S/MIME), to maintain its safe and private messages.

  • - The digital signature guarantees the confidentiality.
  • - Coding of safe messages.
  • - Protection against the identity robbery.
  • - Integra with Microsoft
  • ®Office, Thunderbird and the main applications of mail.

- With the confidence of the main e-mail clients.

Certificate of Mail and digital signature

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Why to run risks of robbery of data, with zero protection?

The Certificates of e-mail provide the strongest levels of the confidentiality and security of its electronic communications reason why allows him to sign digitally and to base the attached mail and archives.

Coding means that only his adressee will be able to read the mail while the digital signature allows that you confirm that you are the sender and verifies that the message has not been altered in the way.

Our certificates of e-mail are gratuitous for the personal users.

  • The secrets of our Certificate Safe Email
  • To make sure that its e-mail continues being private, by means of the encryption of security of up to 256 bits.
  • To sign digitally its e-mail to assure the authenticity and integrity.
  • To give confidence with main clients of mail such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail or Thunderbird.
  • In line simple request and the installation mean that it is possible to be formed in a matter of minutes.

Free for personal use! The safe communications are a right - it is not an expensive luxury.

Why to choose to us?

Using a certificate of GRATUITOUS e-mail of VASCO Solutions, it means that it will enjoy the same level security PKI that has helped our partners to reach its security, confidence and productivity.

Our digital certificates are of total confidence in a 99 percent in the e-mail clients.

The e-mail certificates are the easiest way so that the domestic users can protect their personal information and of businesses.

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