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Personalizable DNS

Protection against domain robbery

Control Panel

Email FREE


Administration of DNS

Domain FREE

.com or .us in ALL our plans hosting by the first year

For which VASCO Solutions?

Control Panel

He changes his information of contact, to modify the names of servers, to renew the name of domain, Extremely easy etc. and intuitive.

Email FREE
Email FREE

To send and to receive messages of e-mail with its own customized account of the type [email protected] 2 accounts including.

YOU GO Protect
Protection of Identity

When you register a domain your personal information appears in a public directory. You can ONLY protect this information by $15.000/a±o.

Tools of Management

It manages his DNS, redireccionamientos of domain, protects myself against the robbery, it hides the URL, it optimizes for the web search engines and more, much more€¦

VASCO Solutions registers All the domains to name of the client

Domains, price list

All the prices are by 1 year.
All the prices include the IVA.
If it requires an extension that is not in this list, please it contacts to our sales department.

Gratuitous mail, Addons and Servicios with all the domains

Tools simple and fast to manage your domains.
  • Characteristics
  • Mail FREE
  • Tools
  • Protective WHOIS
  • Personalizable DNS

    It manages zone DNS of his domain from his own Control Panel, creating and modifying entrances DNS to create Subdominios or to modify preferences MX.

    You have the total control of the DNS configuration.

    Service of DNS

    Any service that you buy with us, comes with a complete control to administer registries DNS for the associated domain, absolutely free!
    In addition, our service of gratuitous DNS is lodged in infrastructure generally distributed and highly superfluous, turning it into one of most reliable of the industry.

    To administer the SOA registries, AAAA, MX, CNAME, SRV and NS - All the updates are reflected very instantaneously.

    Protection against domain robbery

    The protection against domain robbery is a service of security, that is offered to provide an additional level of protection to the domains.

    This gratuitous service allows to block its names of domain, against transferences nonauthorized.

    Easy to manage from the Control Panel

    The proprietor knows that the domain names must be administered in continuous form, which makes a simple and effective Control Panel, absolutely essential.

    The Control Panel that we offer frees of cost, can change contact information, modify the names of servers, renew the name of domain, extremely easy etc. and intuitive.

  • 2 Cuentas de Email

    To send and to receive messages of e-mail with its own customized account of the type [email protected] You when registering the domain, receives:

    2 accounts of email of 100 Megabyte. each, receives the Anti-fraud one, Anti-Spam and protection Anti-virus without no additional cost


    Redireccionamiento Limitless Mail

    To create e-mail that redirects of [email protected] to the existing accounts of e-mail, as Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail€¦

  • Tools of massive form

    The tools of massive form allow to manage their portfolio of name of complete domain, as easy as it is possible.

    Using the tools of massive form you can register, renew, transfer and realise other modifications to multiple names of domain in a single step.

    What is more, we offer these tools to him with each name of domain without no additional cost!

    Redirection of domain

    * Fast yield - Nothing strikes the request to the service of speed of our service of I resend.

    * To hide the destiny URL: It can hide to the URL of destiny in any domain qualifying the enmascarador URL, of this form any URL of destiny, remains hidden from the navigator and its identity name brand continues being coherent.

    * Optimization in the Web search engines: Compatibility with previous versions - label <HEAD> <META> and <TITLE> can be established to optimize the web search engine.

    Also label <NOFRAMES> of content for the compatibility with navigators can be established who do not admit marks.

  • SUPPLY! - Protective WHOIS $15.000/a±o (Protection of the Identity)

    With Protective WHOIS its name can replace, direction, email address and phone number in the data base WHOIS, by our information.

    You will conserve the total control of his name of domain.

    You can safeguard his personal information of spammers, dates harvesters, etc. assuring that never she abuses his information of WHOIS.

    That is WHOIS or Base WHOIS

    WHOIS is a public data base that allows to see the present state and data of contact of a domain:

    Why the protection of the privacy?

    * When buying a domain must provide detailed information of contact, or the registry of your domain could occur by concluded, since it would constitute a violation in the registry agreement.

    * This information anywhere in the world must be put at the disposal of the public through the public data base WHOIS, as the ICANN demands it, international the governing organ of domain names.

    * Every day, this valuable detailed source of intelligence of contacts, is a easy target and is reaped by spammers and the finders of not wished TVS trade.

    Also from his contact as the information is public, it is in risk of robbery of identity and the fraud and being contacted by the admonishing pursuers and.

    * Protection of the Privacy guarantees that their private information is not publishes by means of the substitution of all data of visible contact the public, with alternative information of contact.

    How it works?

    * When the protection of the privacy in a domain name activates, one will replace all data of visible contact the public, with alternative information of contact, in order that when a consultation WHOIS is realised in the domain, a data substitute of mailing dress, email address and phone number appear in the screen.

    * You will conserve the total property of the domain and will have a complete control of him.

    * Any person who tries in touch to put with you through the alternative direction of e-mail or phone number in the data base WHOIS, will take to a contact form in line that, as well, will redirigir¡ the message of e-mail to you. All the post office sent to the alternative email address will be discarded.

    * Protection of the privacy can at any time be deactivated/activated and it only occurs by $15.000/a±o


    The protection of the privacy is not available for the following names of domain:

    .US .IN .EU .UK .ASIA .TEL .CN .NZ .CA .DE .ES .AU .RU .CO.

But€¦ What is a Domain? What is an Extension?


The websites, need a direction Web, to be able to be located in the Internet, this knows as DOMAIN or Name Domain.

Each domain must be unique in Internet, for example, €œ€ is the name of domain of the webpage of VASCO Solutions.
A single Web server can serve multiple webpages as multiple domains, but a domain only can point at a Web server.

A domain is made up normally of 3 parts, 1 optional and 2 obligatory ones:
In, the three uves double (www) are the optional part, the name of the organization (solucionesenlaweb) and the type of extension (.com) is obligatory.

Extensions of Domains

The types of more common extensions or TLDs are .COM, .NET, .ORG, and .CO, that talk about to commercial, network, organization (originally without profit spirit, although now any person can register a .org domain) and Colombia or Company (Abbreviation of the English CO).

Since Internet is based on directions IP, and not in domain names, each Web server requires of a servant of domain names (DNS) to translate the names of the domains to directions IP. Each domain has a servant of name of primary domain and another secondary one.

Now a great amount of new extensions exists, such as .TIENDA, .PIZZA, .VIAJES, .ONLINE, .MODA, etc.

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