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Protection to the minor

In agreement with the established thing in Law 679 of 2001, Decree 1524 of 2002, Decree 67 of 2003 and Law 1336 of 2009, VASCO SOLUTIONS S.A.S collaborates in coming up, blocking, to fight and to denounce the operation, lodging, use, publicitaci³n, audio-visual diffusion of images, texts, documents, archives, illegal use of information global networks; or the establishment of telematics bonds of any class, related to pornographic or allusive material to sexual activities of juniors, inasmuch as it could generate criminal responsibility.

If it finds some content or activity within the considered network as child pornography can denounce it.

Commitment with Law 679 of 2001

VASCO Solutions S.A.S by virtue of the effective legislation gives I compliment with Law 679 of the 3 of August of 2001, sent by the Congress of the Republic, to prevent and to resist the operation, the pornography and the sexual tourism with juniors.

This law, sent developing of Article 44 of the Constitution, tries to dictate to preventive measures and sanctions for those who explode and/or abuse the juniors sexually, thus to help that they have an integral and healthy development.

The children and the network

Another one of the aspects that Law 679 of 2001 promulgates, is the interest to protect the infants to accede to sites with content for adults (pornography). In spite of the growth and difficult control of Internet in this sense, methods and tools exist that can filter wished contents and thus not to protect the minors:

Content filtrate programs:

This type of software allows complete functionality him (open source).

K9 Web Protection

What looks for Law 679 of 2001?

To dictate measures of protection against the operation, the pornography and the sexual tourism and other forms of sexual abuse with juniors, by means of the establishment of norms of preventive and sanctionary character, and the expedition of other developing dispositions of article 44 of the Constitution of Colombia.

Where to denounce the pages that have pornographic infantile content?

The Ministry of Communications, from the obligations of Law 679 of the 3 of August of 2001 implemented 3 points of information and denounces. A telephone line gratuitous national 01 8000 912667.

What makes the Ministry of Communications with these denunciations?

The denunciations received by the Ministry of Communications on pages of pornography with juniors in Internet, are sent to the National Police and/or CTI of the Office of the public prosecutor.

These organizations advance the process of verification, analysis and investigation of the URL and as well provides to the Ministry of Communications a classified listing of URL as pornography with juniors in Internet.

The Ministry with this listing, sends an administrative act demanding to the ISP (Supplier of access to Internet) the blockade of these pages in Colombia.

Other sites of denunciation

  • General office of the public prosecutor of the Nation:
  • Telephones: 01800 09 12280
  • Webpage:
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Carrera 77A # 45-61 Modelia District
  • Telephones: PBX: 426 6900 Ext. 6301-6302
  • Direct: 4266300
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Colombian institute of Familiar Well-being:
  • Bogota telephones: 01-8000-91-8080 - 6605520 - 6605530 - 6605540
  • Webpage:
  • Schedule of 7am to 9pm of Monday to Sunday

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