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Norton Secured

„¢Secured, with Symantec technology

The Norton seal

„¢Secured is the brand of greater confidence in Internet
The brand of verification of Verisign, one of the components of the brand of recognized confidence more in Internet, was combined with the name leader in protection of personal technology, Norton.

The tests of the consumers realised by Symantec demonstrate that the new seal conserves the high level of recognition and confidence that evaluate the proprietors of websites of electronic commerce and other proprietors of websites that guard by the privacy.

Norton Secured (Symantec Safe Site) shows the world that its identity has been confirmed by the leader in confidence in line and that its site has approved the daily analyses in search of malicious software. We help to its small business to increase the traffic of the web search engine, to improve the sales and the conversions, and to increase to the confidence of the client inspiring security.

It generates confidence for his business in line

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  • „¢Secured

It creates security in his website.

- I scan newspaper in search of Malware.
Norton seal

- It takes advantage of one marks recognized world-wide level for the confidence.

- To obtain a greater traffic and sales with the logo of Symantec

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  • - Easy to install, it does not require technical experience.
  • $1 ' 400,000 /a±o
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The Norton seal
„¢Secured is seen five hundred million times the day in 170 countries.

Help to let grow its Online company when strengthening the recognition of the clients: In an international study of consumers Online, 85% of the survey ones maintained that it is more probable that they continue with a purchase Online when they see the Norton Secured seal during the process of conclusion of the purchase that if they see other seals or if it does not appear seal some.

More than 40 million users of equipment anywhere in the world that uses Norton Safe Web they see the seal of Norton Secured next to websites of confidence in the results of the searches.

Solid infrastructure PKI of Symantec includes site and datacenters of recovery after a disaster of military level, to offer a protection, an availability of data of the matchless clients and a tranquillity.

The seal can be a visible image of its dedication to the fulfillment of norm PCI, since the sites of electronic commerce must authenticate their identities and base the traffic of the transactions in their site to protect the data of the clients.

The identity of the proprietor of the site is verified by means of the established procedures. SSL Symantec with Norton sealThe domain is authenticated and its legitimacy is confirmed.
The site is analyzed daily in search of Malware, so that he is safe.

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