Search engine optimization

  • - 2 Options of plans with monthly flat fee
  • - Up to 10 key words
  • - Monthly report
  • - Without permanence commitment

Optimization Search Engine

From $200.000/mes


Positioning in Google

Stand out on his competition in Google.

Our objective is clear: To catch quality traffic, to improve the visibility and the indexing of our clients in Google.

At Colombian level Google it is €œthe finder€.

With more of a 95% of the searches in Colombia, concerning positioning Web and if your market is focused in Colombia, it is not worth to pain to spend hours to him to look another one.

It don't mention it does not serve to attract visits or to have first positions by criteria whose visits are not of quality. The difficulty of the positioning is not the position in if, it is the election of the key words that are transformed into sales.


Plans SEO

SEO B¡sico

$200.000/Mes TO CONTRACT
  • Speechless he nails
  • 20 Backlinks with GIVES of 60+
  • 1 URL
  • Monthly report

SEO Profesional

$300.000/Mes TO CONTRACT
  • 10 Key words
  • 80 Backlinks with GIVES from 60 100
  • 3 URLS (Same domain)
  • Monthly report

Characteristics of the service

Up to 10 Key words

The price of our service is from $200,000 monthly €“ Subscription and study free.
Examples of key words:

  • 1 - Hosting Pereira
  • 2 - Design Web pereira
  • 3 - SSL Colombia

Without complications

It does not have to administer nor to manage nothing, to make some changes to the page and only to verify the statistics.

We will look for the phrases that take traffic to their website from their objective public to generate majors sales.

Monthly report

We will send a monthly report to him of the works carried out for his Web.

We will in detail indicate the realised thing, the articles to him that will be used in the content of their connection and to publish in the Authority calls sites.

We cover all the forms with positioning in Google

To position your website of organic form in Google

„¢it guarantees a constant flow of clients towards your website.

SEO (Optimization Search Engine) means the optimization for the web search engines.

This type of positioning consists of applying a great variety of techniques to improve the presence of his webpage in the results of the organic web search engines, that is to say in the natural results that are not pleased to Google

„¢by clicks as in Adwords

  • „¢.
  • Its webpage through positioning SEO must be found in the first organic places of Google with a group of certain key words, based on a previous analysis that will allow him to be looked for by clients who did not know the existence their company, products or services.
  • Benefits of the SEO or positioning Web

The positioning Web counts on the following benefits:

Increase of your organic ranking, visibility and number of visits to your webpage


Long-term investment

One is not pleased to Google

„¢by each click

To attract traffic and visibilityIt can be the difference between causing that a project sells or no. But care, the important thing is not to be in first positions by any criterion. The election of keywords that contribute SALES is essential.




$119.000/a no

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